Perpetuation by Self-Deception

The following example of a Shifting the Burden structure is based on the existence of an organizational tension between two individuals, groups, or organizations. By organizational tension it is simply meant that the two entities are constantly at odds with each other over lots of things, all related to their day to day operation.

The problem is perceived in terms of the visible organizational tension. There are two approaches to resolving this organizational tension.

The short term expedient approach is for one group to work extra hard to smooth the tensions that exist with the other group. This reduces the visible symptoms of the organizational tension.

The longer term more difficult approach is to perform the structural corrections that are the foundation of the organizational tension in the first place. This approach is probably more difficult because the structure creating the tension is probably created by some other part of the organization and neither group involved is in a position to effect the appropriate structural corrections. This situation actually promotes the adoption of the first approach.

The side effect of the political pacification is that the diminished visibility of the organizational tension promotes the no problem perception on the part of the organization that is in a position to effect the appropriate structural corrections that would dissolve the organizational tension. As it turns out the political pacification action only serves to ensure the appropriate structural corrections will never happen.

Effective Strategies

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