Adjusting the Shower

I don't know about you, but I hate cold showers. And for that matter I don't like getting scalded either. There are some places I don't think I'll ever get the temperature adjusted correctly. This example explains why.

When the current water temperature is less than the desired water temperature it influences me to add to the ratio of the hot water to cold. I can do this by increasing the hot water or decreasing the cold water. Because changing the faucet position doesn't result in an immediate change in the current water temperature there is a tendency to believe that the ratio isn't correct so I turn the faucets more in the same direction. When the delay finally catches up I find that the current water temperature is much hotter than the desired water temperature so I adjust the faucets in the opposite direction. This action still adds to the ratio of hot water to cold, just less than before. Depending on how impatient I am, and how much I overreact to the situation, it could take some time before I get the water temperature to where I really want it.

The real problem in this structure is based on my not understanding the structure coupled with my impatience for what I want. The strategy for dealing with this structure is, first understand the structure, and then exercise patience. This is an example in support of the statement, "Patience is a virtue."

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