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The Way of Systems

ISO 17799

theWay of Systems

theWay is an effectiveness enhancement facility. theWay does not purport to provide answers. theWay provides access to fundamental principles, with supporting information, to develop understanding to support the development of strategies to address situations. Not just any strategies, but strategies which have a very high probability of working when applied. To employ theWay an understanding of Systems and Systems Thinking is essential, as well as how we formulate questions influences the answers we develop.

The overall structure or architecture of theWay is built on relationships between system archetypes. Simply begin at the center and work outward as the descriptions are appropriate to the situation you are considering.

I've started implementing each of the archetypes in several simulation packages. The intent is to provide examples for individuals to work with and learn from which are one step more explicit than the systems thinking diagrams. Most of these simulation packages have reader versions available as detailed below. Oh, the choice of pacakges was based on what I was familiar with and had available, which is probably not the best basis for choosing a tool.

Software Version Company
Extend v6.0.6 Imagine That
ithink v8.0 isee Systems
myStrategy v1.0.1 Strategy Dynamics
Vensim v5.4b Ventana Systems

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